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Leak Detection & Monitoring Systems

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Geochem Engineering provides to its clients unique and sophisticated geomembranes integrity onsite testing or fixed monitoring systems that covers the following cases:

Exposed geomebrane damages and pin holes detection on site testing
  • Sensor grid not required
  • Detect pin holes
  • Portable system
  • Quality control tool of exposed liner
  • Integrity of whole membrane surface
  • Integrity of membrane welds

Covered geomembranes damages and holes detection on site testing even when the geomembrane is covered (limited height of cover)

  • Fully trained and experienced technicians
  • Cost Effective
  • Additional quality control for installation of geomembrane
  • Testing of covered geomembrane liners
  • Official certification of liner integrity
  • Any type of covering (soil, gravel, water, etc.)

Geomembranes leak detection and monitoring fixed systems.

Three available Options: local, remote, or continuously monitoring systems

  • Sensor Grid required
  • Offline/On line system (depending the version)
  • Site portable/or installed equipment (depending the version)
  • Manual measurement /remote internet access/ fully automated (depending the version)
  • Report of integrity within 7 days/ internet access (depending the version)
  • Intervals of testing upon client’s requirements / 24h 7d integrity control (depending the version)
  • SMS/email warning (depending the version)
  • Local Alarm (depending the version)
  • Remote evaluation of data (within 48 hours) / No interaction from Geochem or client is needed (depending the version)
  • Automatic analyses and reports (depending the version)
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Application areas

  • Landfills and waste capping
  • Hazardous waste areas
  • Leachate ponds
  • Mining ponds
  • Water Reservoirs
  • Basins
  • Roofs, Metal Roofs and Green Roofs
  • Building Foundations
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges
  • Swimming Pools

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