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Gardening & Agriculture

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Product Description

GEOCHEM ENGINEERING supports the Agriculture and Gardening works by supplying synthetic polymeric products used for:

  • Crops covering
  • Artificial ponds and small private lakes
  • Irrigation Ponds for Agriculture applications
  • Weed control
  • Shading covers
  • Garden paths, walkways and parking areas where is the need for supporting and stabilizing gravel and/or grass layers.
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Application Types

GreenHouse Foils




Pond Foils



Shading Nets



Weed Control Geotextiles




Gravel stabilization Panels







Grass Stabilization Panels





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Technical Details

Agriculture Foils

Three layered, multi-seasonal gardening foils are made to cover tunnel constructions – widely applied for covering agricultural and gardening crops and for forestry.

Gardening foils application results in faster plant growth and significant increase in crops efficiency, simultaneously ensuring protection against harmful effects of the sun rays and weather conditions. Our foils are permeable to light and resistant to UV radiation within several growing seasons.

We guarantee very good flexibility parameters, thanks to which the foil installation is even faster and more comfortable. Our foils are available in five different colors referring to the length of use (seasonality).

Ponds and Artificial lakes Foils

Triple layered in one or two colours (blue – green) polyethylene swimming pool foils, 0,5 mm thick, enable to make sealing in small water tanks (garden pools, ponds, pools etc.)
The foil is strong and resistant to puncture by roots of water plants and mechanical harms.
Prior to installation it is necessary to prepare properly the bottom of the tank– its surface needs to be leveled and smooth absent from sharp stones or glass etc. The foil shall be applied by lying above the prepared tank and then lowering and loose arrangement starting from the deepest excavation place to tank brim.
Available colors: black, blue, blue-green. or other upon client request. Standard size: 8x25m. and 6x25m.


Geochem Engineering provides thin geomembranes solutions for waterproofing projects such are:

  • Agriculture Irrigation ponds
  • Artificial private lakes

our Geomembranes’ range includes:

  • HDPE and FPP of 0,5mm, 0,75mm and 1.0mm
  • PVC from 0,8mm to 1.2mm
  • EPDM from 0,8mm to 1.14mm
  • Special coated PE textiles

Honeycomb shape stabilization panels

Geochem Engineering provides Products that are intended for reinforcement and stabilization of a ground, simultaneously providing free water and air circulation. They are perfect substitute for paving stones, asphalt or concrete slabs.
Our Paving honeycomb panels are not only a perfect reinforcement for landscapes, but combined its task with the infill of decorative aggregates.

Can be used in private projects but also in infrastructures and landscaping projects with a great aesthetic result

Its main advantage is a modern, aesthetic and durable construction.

Weed Control Geotextiles

Geochem Engineering provides a range of weed control products from non woven Polypropylene fabric to woven polypropylene. The ground covers negate the need for chemical spraying and are incorporated into many landscaping projects. It also helps to retain moisture in the soil and stops the various mulches, including decorative or drainage aggregates, from being lost into the ground.

its our alternative to pesticides when it comes to controlling weeds in a variety of residential and non-residential applications.

Shading Nets

Geochem Engineering provides shading nets produced from HDPE raw material and with various UV block performance.

Can be used for:

  • Shading gardens and crops  applications
  • Construction jobsites as protection nets
  • Parking areas as protection and UV block nets.
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