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Geosynthetics Installation

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Geochem Engineering has successfully completed many large and small scale but technically challenging projects throughout Greece and to foreign countries (Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Ghana etc.)

Our Company is certified through ISO 9001 for its installation services and use state of the art welding technology to install a wide range of geosynthetics. Geochem Engineering is using Quality Control System that covers the materials supplying and the installing in lining projects which allows to our Customers to control each step of our works.

Our Geosynthetics installation services are extended in all geosynthetic materials and in all of geosynthetics applications from Environmentals to Infrastructures and Agriculture applications.

We can cover installation in projects as:


  • Landfills (MSW) and Landfill’s capping
  • Hazardous wastes Landfills and industrial wastes storage areas
  • Tanks storage systems
  • Contaminated soils applications
  • Ash disposal ponds
  • Mining Heap Leach Pads
  • Water reservoirs
  • Canals
  • Evaporation ponds
  • Animals wastes storage ponds
  • Biogas lagoons
  • Floating covers
  • Water storage and treatment lagoons
  • Fuel storage basins
  • Sedimentation basins
  • Golf courses

  • Tunnels waterproofing
  • Bridges deck waterproofing
  • Slopes Erosion control

  • Irrigation Ponds and lagoons
  • Flexible Collapsible Tanks

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